Start now

People keep asking us this question, how can we contribute towards the environment and the marginalized. We don’t have time, we have the stuff we would like to donate and yes we really do care about the environment. But from where can we start?

The answer is very simple, you can start from right where you are. Exactly, it’s as simple as that. At your place of work for instance, have you ever wondered how those sheets of printed paper get disposed, or at home why do you always throw away those very cool containers once you’re done with your cream, the jars of jam and pickle.

Yes its actually that simple if you start to think of it. We don’t have to always start big. Every little change, every small step will eventually become big. The only thing is, we got to take that step, we got to think that thought and we need to simply start.

Join us in this journey of change. We are small. But we don’t think small. We believe, together we can make it big. 🙂