Some more of our Eco-friendly gift tags

Square envelopes3In our last post we gave a peek into the front design of our new gift tags. This post is about the backside of the gift tags and the different hues they come in. The print on the backside is in gold just like the front. The contrasting colors gives it a rich look and would go with any occasion and any gift. It definitely went well with the bouquet of flowers :).

We love them even more because the paper we used is made from recycling cotton rags, which otherwise would find place only in the garbage pit.

These beautiful gift tags are now available on sale, you can buy them by clicking here. Yes, it’s that simple :).

How about personalizing those gifts?

pinkSquare envelope

The gifting season continues, be it weddings, engagement ceremonies, birthdays or even house-warming, there is always a reason to celebrate. It’s during one such occasion, when I had to gift a bouquet of flowers to someone and felt the desperate need of a gift tag that would go with my flowers. I didn’t want any of those plastic looking mill made paper tags with a flowery print, but I wanted something more ethnic and being an amateur environmentalist of some sort, definitely something eco-friendly. Coincidentally, one of our buyers’ was looking for something similar too. Finally, we got around to making these. The picture is sneak peek of one color of the handmade paper tags what we eventually narrowed down to. Quite happy with the result :).

Eco-friendly Gift Box ~ My Story


I’m a completely upcycled and handmade box. I am designed by The White Light from handmade paper. I have a vibrant panther print which makes me look gorgeous. I can be used for various purposes like storing those sweet little things like trinkets, earrings and you can even use me as a gift box if you want to gift those brownies or candles to someone! 🙂

How did you find me? Do you like me? I would love to know 🙂

Oh! Forgot to tell you, that you can buy me from The White Light’s website link: TWL Handmade Paper Gift Box. 🙂

Look what we upcycled. Do you like it?

Starbucks bottle upcycled

A new look to the used cold coffee bottles, and a new job for it.

We like to re-create and we like to re-design. What most people would throw away, we give it another life (well, we do try). Instead of those empty glass bottles reaching the garbage landfill straight away, once we’re done with our delicious cold coffee, we extend their life further by giving it another job to do. Of course mother Earth’s job reduces just a little bit in the process, which we feel good about. Weekend art activity you may call it, or probably our contribution which we do very joyfully indeed! 🙂

The Story of our Blue Block Printed envelope

It is very well understood by many what the purpose of recycling materials is. Most of us also try to recycle what we can.

But, what we do at The White Light is, also add value to the materials recycled. This beautiful block printed envelope (comes in different colors) is one of the products that we promote to encourage people to ‘buy’ recycled things which are not only eye-catching but will also give competition to the products made from new materials, namely paper made by cutting trees. These envelopes are made from discarded cotton fabric, which are converted into handmade paper. We gave that paper a style.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to fall in love with this, and isn’t is also simple enough for you to give your bit to the environment by buying them or promoting them?

See more at:—Blue-Shagan-Envelopes-id-312168.html#sthash.Xm6RDuQS.dpuf