The Story of our Blue Block Printed envelope

It is very well understood by many what the purpose of recycling materials is. Most of us also try to recycle what we can.

But, what we do at The White Light is, also add value to the materials recycled. This beautiful block printed envelope (comes in different colors) is one of the products that we promote to encourage people to ‘buy’ recycled things which are not only eye-catching but will also give competition to the products made from new materials, namely paper made by cutting trees. These envelopes are made from discarded cotton fabric, which are converted into handmade paper. We gave that paper a style.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to fall in love with this, and isn’t is also simple enough for you to give your bit to the environment by buying them or promoting them?

See more at:—Blue-Shagan-Envelopes-id-312168.html#sthash.Xm6RDuQS.dpuf

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